Parenting at the office-five benefits for professional life

Parenting reduces stress and absenteeism at the office and help you feel that you have more control over your live.

Parenting at the office

Most of the time in the workplace, we stress about meeting with the manager. It could also be about the deadline that is approaching imminently. Or even about the response that is delayed by the client. And that’s enough to drain our energy.

But when you have a child? When, besides the other worries, the challenges of being a parent arise. What to answer when your 4-year-old asks you about sex? How can you have healthy communication with teenagers in their rebellion phase?

Most of us have difficulties in balancing the two aspects of life, and then the pressure can become too high. The two elements of life clash, and both have to suffer.

The fact that professional stress is often brought home, in the family, is the variant we are most used to face. The tendency is to ignore this fact. The pressure is to be a good parent. Eventually, it slips into professional life and rapes the employee’s attention and productivity.

Companies have noticed the need, and we can see an increase in the implementation of parenting education systems at the office. In the United States, over 60% of Forbes 500 companies said they already have a program like this.

The new parents face the problem that both now need to be able to support a family. They spend most of the time in the office. The place becomes right to expose themselves to parenting education.

In addition to the fact that parenting reduces stress and absenteeism, students found that new communication skills also helped them in relationships in the professional environment. Also, it helped them feel that they had more control over their lives.

Parenting at the office -five benefits for professional life infographic

In Romania, with the expansion of the corporate environment, we can see an increase in the interests of companies to offer parenting courses and seminars for employees online or at the office. Think that now are platforms like ATLAS that provides the opportunity to make meetings with a direct online specialist. Employees can enjoy education with low costs of time and money. The company verifies specialists and gives extra confidence.

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Hilio Team

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