Negative effects of unbalanced eating

Unbalanced eating have unwanted effects on your health status. Even short periods of unhealthy diet can have negative consequences in the long run.


Do you used to eat in a hurry, without taking into account if food is a healthy one for your body? Here are some unbalanced eating effects.


What does a balanced diet contain?

When we think of a healthy lifestyle, our goal must be the balance, not perfection. A balanced diet contains:

  • vegetables and fruits,
  • nuts and raw seeds,
  • green leaves,
  • whole grains,
  • fish fishing,
  • meat from animals without hormones and antibiotics,
  • eggs,
  • whole dairy.

Diets based either on a small amount of fat, either on a small amount of carbohydrates, either on clear vegetable soup or on the consumption of fruit juices days and weeks in a row, are unbalanced and have unwanted effects on health status.

Where there are no medical conditions that require special diets without fats or with a small amount of carbohydrates, things can seriously degenerate. Even short periods of unbalanced eating can have negative consequences in the long run.

The most common effects of unbalanced eating are:

1. Lack of energy, concentration, irritability

Moods that arise when eating simple carbohydrates (white flour bread, white pasta and rice, sweets, and pastry). In the first 10 minutes after consuming these products, the blood glucose rises sharply, and the well-associated state appears.

But after 30-40 minutes, the blood glucose decreases as suddenly, and the lack of energy arises, the state of constant hunger, somnolence.

Consume often, and in the long term, simple carbohydrates make us always feel tired and lacking in energy, no matter how much we sleep.


2. Water Retention

Either because we don’t drink enough water and the body reserves it, either because of the surplus of sodium in the diet. In this situation, water is retained in the body until the urinary system eliminates excess sodium from the body.

Also, a surplus of sodium leads discreetly, but directly to arterial hypertension. When the kidneys are overworked to eliminate excess sodium, the heart pumps more blood to sustain their activity, and arterial hypertension occurs.

Instead of excess salt, to give flavor to your favorite dishes, we can add dried herbs or fresh greens.


3. Constipation

It is one of the effects of unbalanced eating and occurs when there is not enough fiber (fruits, vegetables, salads, whole grains) in daily nutrition, especially in protein diets, but also when we drink too little water.

4. Insufficient or unrestful sleep

During the night, during sleep, the body recovers. For a restful sleep, it is advisable to eat 3 hours before bedtime. This way, digestion is efficient, and the stomach is empty when we go to bed.

Vegetable soups, salads, or ripe vegetables should be devoided from dinner. They digest quickly and easily and are the allies of a good night’s sleep.

5. Other unbalanced eating effects

When we have too many products with sugar and sweeteners in our daily diet, but also white flour, there is often the lack of vitamins and minerals. Because sugar and white flour are empty calories, the body will use its reserves to metabolise them.

It is the reason why anemia that does not respond to iron or calcium deficiency occurs. Even if we care to have in the diet foods that contain these minerals, the consumption of empty calories prevents their absorption in the body.

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