George Bragadireanu, MCC

George Bragadireanu, MCC

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Personal and professional development, job and career performance, change and crisis, self-knowledge and right choices. My main specialization is:

Management coaching

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Management coaching

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About me

As a former executive of a multinational corporation who transitioned to coaching 11 years ago, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to my executive coaching services. Nowadays, I am one of the 1,500 Master Certified Coaches in the world (International Coaching Federation), and I hold multiple specializations in coaching.

With a formal education in international economics, complemented by master's and postgraduate studies in political science, communication, and leadership psychology, I have led sales and L&D teams for 13 years in the financial-banking sector. Since 2012, I have guided over 11,000 individuals through coaching and workshops to help them realize their creative potential. Additionally, I contributed to the coaching industry by writing books, translating works, and funding publications, such as the third edition of Sir John Whitmore's "Coaching for Performance," the mobile application "Coaching 4 Managers," and more.

Through my coaching services, I aim to help executives realize their full potential and achieve their goals, leveraging my experience and expertise to provide personalized guidance and support.

Investing in executive coaching services can yield tremendous benefits for individuals and organizations. By working with me, you can tap into my extensive experience and expertise to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. I offer tailored coaching approaches to meet your unique needs, whether you seek to improve your leadership skills, enhance your communication abilities, or implement efficient mental models.

As a 48-year-old married father of two, I enjoy reading, jazz music, and science fiction films. 


Relații Economice Internaționale

1994 - 1999

Științe Politice și Administrative

2000 - 2002


Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centred Coaching

Fully certified as an MGSCC Executive Coach.

2021 -

Performance Consultants International, London

Certified as an Executive Performance Coach & Transpersonal Coach.

2010 -

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International Coaching Federation



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