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Back screening tool - STarT Scale

Does your back hurt? Complete the STarT Scale! We measure the level of your back pain, mainly lower back pain and come up with personalized recommendations.
Back screening tool - STarT Scale

In a world where technological revolution has replaced much of the physical effort made by humans, back pains have become more common. We don't go for a walk that often, and we exercise less. We sit a lot more at our desks, and even if this lifestyle doesn't seem to affect us, in the long term it may cause various physical problems.

The most common factors of back pain are:

  • age;
  • bad posture;
  • lifting weights;
  • extensive driving.

By using STarT scale you can determine if your back problems need specialized treatment, or you just need to watch out. In case you have a back problem for too long, we advise you to see your physician.


The STarT Back Screening Scale was designed by Jonathan C. Hill alongside a team of researchers at Keele University. It was tested on general population in the UK and was validated in 2008. The purpose of the scale was to determine the severity of back pains as a prevention method and to triage of the patients.